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A Fabric Library

We have over 5,000 fabrics in all colors and different patterns in the inventory, ranging from woven to knit and including nine categories of ingredients.


Customize for You

Find Your Fabric

Fall Fashion Display

High Quality

The Best Price

Small Minimum

We value our customers by providing a verity of high-quality fabrics at affordable prices. You can start from 50 pcs per style for each order.

Fashion Illustrator

Customize for You

Take Your Order Even It Is Small

Clothes on a Rack

One-Stop Service

We will take care of every step for your design.

1. Look for the best matching fabric

2. Create brand labels/size labels/ hangtag,

3. Produce garment

4. Customize accessories, including but not limited to bags, scarfs, purses, ties, masks, gloves..

5. You name it!

Customize for You

Save Your Time by Trusting Us

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