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We moved to current location, the largest fashion-centric district in NYC



Jane came to NYC and found Newline Fashion Group, developing close relationships with local business and individual designers.


We now have 20 people in the team and have been serving more than 200 customers around the world. We are growing in a very fast pace.


Jane started Newline Textile & Garments in Hangzhou, China, focusing on international fabric and garment business.

Pleated Fabric


We have been in the fabric industry for more than 20 years and have connections with over 200 high-quality fabric production factories in China.

We have more than 5,000 fabrics in all colors in the inventory. You are welcome to touch, feel, pick, and order your favorite fabrics.

Located in the garment district in Manhattan, we find you the most matched high-quality fabric, offer you the best price even on the small order, and finish your design and deliver directly to your site.

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