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Fabric Library

We have over 5,000 high-quality fabrics in different colors in inventory.

Various composition and patterns available in all weights all year around.

W: Woven            K: Knit

                     W1/K1: Modal, Tencel, Cupro, Bamboo, Milk Fiber etc.

                     W2/K2: Viscose or Rayon etc.

                     W3/K3: Linen, Ramie, or Blended etc.

                     W4/K4: Cotton, TC, CVC etc.

                     W5/K5: Nylon or Blended etc.

                     W6/K6: Polyester or STH etc.

                     W7/K6: Wool or Acrylic etc.

                     W8/K8: Polyester/Rayon or STH etc.

                     W9/K9: Three Kinds of Composition Up etc.


Plain Dyed Fabric

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